Born in heart of Utah, Salt Lake City, Dean Chytraus tells THISWORLDEXISTS what makes him tick. Openminded and unafraid of new discoveries, Dean’s sense of adventure wasn’t truly sparked until a recent overseas trip...

“It really took off when I spent two months traveling around New Zealand. There is something about that place that brought out my desire to explore the world”.

As an avid photographer and traveler, being a part of THISWORLDEXISTS means he can do what he loves and make a difference while doing it.

“THISWORLDEXISTS is a great vehicle to share my passion for travel photography. It's an amazing marriage of travel and charity. It's great to share talents with like-minded people”.

Close to home, the mountains in Utah is where Dean finds the most beauty in the world. He doesn’t stop there, though. Despite his magical surroundings, Dean’s passion for photography allows him to get out to new places.

“I’ll never leave for an adventure without my camera. It tends to push me further into seeing the beauty that is around me. It's a perfect way to tell a story”.

Even despite his talents as a photographer and adventurer, Dean isn’t comfortable with being called inspiring. People who inspire him are those who live the way that best makes them happy. In addition to his modesty, he embraces a can-do attitude when it comes to overcoming fear:

“I don't overcome it. I just go around it”.

His fearless attitude was tested on a trip to Iceland, where a nearby volcano erupted.

“We were unable to travel to certain areas because of the risk of floods caused by rapidly melting glaciers.”

Exploring far-away places like Iceland’s grand waterfalls and stunning landscapes is one of Dean’s most favoured outdoor experiences. Dean’s thirst for adventure, his talents in photography and his eagerness to contribute to a better world are what makes him a perfect fit as THISWORLDEXISTS Brand Ambassador.

“There is nothing better than seeing progress in any venture. But when it's combined with helping others, it's an incredible feeling.”

See more of Dean's adventures on Instagram: @chytrausphoto

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