Hundreds of Miles to Nowhere

Some of us look for adventure in our own backyard, while some of us travel hundreds of miles away from where we call home. The end result isn't always the destination, it’s the journey taken to get there. Riding dirt bikes in Texas during the summer can be a real bummer sometimes. It’s hot, humid, and there's only so many places to ride. This conundrum creates the need to find cooler weather and trails that traverse the unknown. I, along with 10 other dirt biking souls, travelled west to the Rocky Mountains in Taylor Park, Colorado to bask in two-wheeled camaraderie. 

Taylor Park, Colorado is home to the Taylor Park Reservoir, a place within the National Forest marking the start of all kinds of adventures. We split our wallets, tent camping in the Reservoir, trailer camping at Taylor Park Trading Post and cabin dwelling at Holt’s Guest Ranch. Every morning started and ended as a group to keep us all aligned on the day's journey.

Photo credit: Cooper Bailey

Photo credit: Cooper Bailey

For four days we challenged our bikes, bodies, and minds as we rode through diverse weather and trail conditions. Afternoon rain storms were the best. The traction on sandy sections of the trail was amazing, it seemed to calm the soul. Rockier sections became very slick and slowed you down entirely, taxing every muscle. We knew these showers were coming, and we were prepared. Afternoon showers in Colorado are quite normal and only add to the level of adventure. 

Hardest to prepare for were the mountain-top views. On our dirt bikes, we followed trails that took us to some extremely remote locations. Cresting climbs, we were welcomed by miles and miles of gleaming beauty. It was hard not to stop and soak in the views, high five your closest buddy and realize you never want to leave such a magical place. But the trail still called, there was more that awaited, and having made it to the top was just the beginning.

After four days of riding more miles than most remember to count, it was time to head back home. I felt so sore, yet still so alive and recharged towards life. The drive home created a longing desire to stay, immediately reminiscing about the days spent biking and hanging out with friends. I'll certainly be back, prepared to tackle new terrain, but only to add more memories. 

Written by Brian Pierce

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