Get Refreshed - Go on an Adventure!

Life can be very tiring, especially in this accelerated, fast-paced world. I long for new beginnings and the beauty of starting something new. These selected photographs are what I call my “good moments”. They remind me of great memories and how much beauty there is to discover on this planet.

A new project, to travel again, to meet people again, to make mistakes again, to have a discussion, to plan again, to live again. An open road has a way of equalising and re-centring the mind.

These photographs show simple yet fun expeditions. I was able to enjoy moments of solitude even while being surrounded by distractions.

Good moments are made of listening and observing. It lets me reflect on what I love and why I love it. I like to see the world behind a camera. It allows me to connect to the world and force my observation into the uncommon; and to see the things I take for granted sometimes.

Going on an adventure means "making an appearance", letting the world know you’re here. Try not plan every sunset. Be ready to enjoy the flaws, the shades, tones and variations of this beautiful planet.

Written by Ana Paula

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