Travel teaches Dean like nothing else

Dean Chytraus is born and bred in the incredible Salt Lake City, Utah. From a young age, countless family vacations and camping trips introduced him to the outdoors but it wasn't until a trip to New Zealand in 2012 that outdoor adventure became such a big part of his life. His passion for travelling and photography have developed in unison and both help to ignite and continue to inspire the other as Dean searches for locations and settings that he wants to capture and share with the world.

"Adventure for me is simply living on this Earth. I often times venture out into the unknown with little planning. I tend to learn more about the places I travel to that way."

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Forever grateful, Dean acknowledged that there is nothing in this world that has taught him more about it or it's inhabitants for that matter than global adventure travel. 

"(From travelling) You will grow to appreciate this planet and want to take better care of it when you see more."

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 We couldn't agree with Dean more. He is talking with some authority as he has had some unforgettable experiences and adventures in the outdoors. One of his favourites was sleeping on volcanic ash/gravel in Iceland under the midnight sun! That's right, the midnight sun!

"Technically, it was late at night when we finally found our first place to camp in the Icelandic wild. Our spot was surrounded by the jet-black covered ground as far as we could see. The sun was still high up in the sky at around 1 am which would normally make for a difficult night of sleep. But after cooking a late meal and soaking in the scenery, sleep came easy. I can't wait to go back."

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Dean has been eager to be involved with something like thisworldexists for a long time, to be able to incorporate his love of travel with his passion for helping to improve the lives of people less fortunate. Well Dean, we couldn't be happier to have you as part of our thisworldexists adventure ambassador team and we look forward to many rewarding a challenging adventures to come.

Keep up with Dean's constant adventuring by following him on Instagram @ChytrausPhoto

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