Beautiful BC breeds another outdoor enthusiast

When placed in Coquitlam, British Columbia, it is easy to understand how Emily Masse's eyes opened to the incredible outdoor world. She remembers watching endlessly out the window on family road trips as towns, mountains and the incredible surrounding landscape flew by. It was a natural progression to step outside her little world to adventure and experience unforgettable moments with a range of people in some pretty unique and special places.

"It (adventure) means taking chances and embracing a whimsical way of life."

Emily Masse thisworldexists waterfall

This passionate student is loves the real world learning that adventure provides. Plunging head first into different cultures and new environments have been given her a deeper appreciation for the things around her, the freedoms she is afforded and the opportunities provided to her.

"Through my adventures I have felt small and I have felt large. I have been challenged, and I have had ease. These experiences not only let me witness my strength and weaknesses but pushed me to be better and go farther. My adventures have made me curious about the things around me, and encouraged me to ask questions and dig deeper."

Hiking thisworldexists Emily Masse

Emily has a great personal rule to try everything at least three times. To make sure not to turn on back on activities or experience that may turn into her latest passion. Hiking, waterhole hunting and roadtripping have taken her to some incredible places and provided some unforgettable memories.

"I've encounter beautiful flora and fauna, experiencing the spray of a 70 foot waterfall, and the serenity of skipping through alpine meadows with deer and butterflies as if a Disney princess."

Emily Masse thisworldexists

 "I have a deep love for the outdoors and education. I believe everyone deserves an education and am stoked to be a part of a team that stands for global sustainability through education, awareness and adventure."

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Welcome to the thisworldexists family Emily, we look forward to many great memories together!