Capturing moments that capture hearts.

Mitchell Patawaran is a 20 year old adventure lover from Mill Creek, WA who discovered his love of the outdoors after heading out on adventures with this friends in elementary school.

“It seemed like it was only yesterday when my friends and I would be exploring new trails and back ways on our bicycles. Each one taking their turn to lead as we sought the nicest views of town”

Mitchell Patawaran

During his younger years, skateboarding was a major passion and actually introduced him to his major passion today, videography.

“Every single day it seemed like, we were out finding new skate spots and filming for my Youtube channel. It came to a point where I would be able to name the numerous spots in other skate videos and movies. Capturing the most amazing moments on my video camera gave me such a rush of excitement and satisfaction.”

waterfall mitchell patawaran thisworldexists

Not being able to stop, or not wanting to stop, his passion continued until photography started developing in his life. It provided him with another great reason to get out and about to some of the world's most amazing places. 

“Adventure to me is going out and taking risks that you've never taken. Also, to expand your knowledge by exposing yourself to different places and cultures. By going out and breaking my comfort zone, adventuring has definitely shaped me into the man I am today.”

rushing water rapid thisworldexists mitchell patawaran

Adventure has given him more courage and Mitchell admits to seeing life much differently now. 

“When you're thousands of feet up on a mountain and looking down at the Earth, you get a sense of how little and meaningless all the typical stresses of life are. It's just you, the Earth, and your creator. I find peace and serenity when at a beautiful spot in nature.”

painted hills thisworldexists mitchell patawaran

Being a part of the thisworldexists family allows him to share the vision of helping others less fortunate whilst getting out in the great wide world to challenge himself and inspiring others to be active.

“I feel so fortunate with all the basic necessities I have in my life. Sometimes I forget and take it for granted. There are so many people on the other side of the world that have nothing and it makes me sick. The people out there helping the weak in other countries won't ever understand how thankful those people are of them.”

Mitchell is hoping to help spread the THISWORLDEXISTS message through his video skills and by capturing the moments that capture peoples hearts.