Lifelong travel is the dream for some people including Japie.

Japie van Deventer is a proud and passionate ambassador of his home country, South Africa, not surprisingly claiming it as the most beautiful country in the world. 


"It has just about every type of natural landscape to offer... from spectacular mountains to pristine beaches, from untouched forests to wide open savannahs... throw in all the wild animals that you always see on National Geographic and it becomes pretty obvious that one almost gets born a nature, wildlife and outdoor lover."

himba africa thisworldexists japie van deventer

After 3 years in the Army Japie graduated with a degree in Psychology and started travelling, working and living around the world. Committing his last 16 years to working his way around the world to where he currently calls the Netherlands home. 

"So far I have travelled to 60 countries and I just love exploring new places and doing something different..."

mt kilimanjaro thisworldexists japie van deventer

Some of his favourite adventures that he has undertaken include climbing one of the 7 famous summits and highest in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, his 14 day trek to Everest Base Camp, the inca trail to Machu PIccu in Peru along with sky diving, white water rafting, bungee jumping, zip lines, cave exploring and (how South African) gone cage diving with sharks. This adrenalin junkie has turned his life into one constant adventure.

whitewater rafting thisworldexists japie van deventer

Well, we love hearing Japie's adventure stories first hand and would like to formally welcome him to the thisworldexists adventure ambassador family.


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