Staying Disciplined on Your Adventures

There's nothing like the thrill of starting an adventure. You get to discover new places and excite your senses. However, with adventuring comes the possibility of slipping up on important tasks, like working out, journalling and getting enough sleep. Staying disciplined with the following activities can enhance your adventure and maximize your experience.

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1) Working Out

All too often when we go on travels, we use it as an excuse to stop our work-out program, all too often using the excuse "I am on vacation”. Working out while travelling will lead to amazing experiences: imagine the thrill of dashing through a forest, a continent away from your home, feeling the chilly wind rush in your face. Your body will also stay in top shape for anything you throw at it. You want to be in top shape during your travels for hiking, biking, climbing and paddling, so make sure you log a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day. A worked out body is a healthy body which leads to a stronger mind.

spencer madden discipline adventures this world exists thisworldexists

2. Rising Early

It's hard not to sleep in when travelling. However, utilize the fact your body is adjusted to rising early to get a head start on adventuring. Dawn not only reveals epic sunrises – with no work in sight – but it is also the time when tourist attractions are significantly less busy. Get out of bed and start adventuring before the sun comes up. 

spencer madden discipline adventures this world exists thisworldexists

3. Eating / Drinking

When you're on the road, healthy eating is critical. It minimizes your chances of getting sick, and you'll feel great during your adventures. Choose local fruits and vegetables along with healthy fats and protein. Junk food will make you feel terrible. Ensure you are getting 4 litres of purified water every day especially if you're coming from a cold to humid climate. Should you hit the sauce one night – yes, consuming a few soda pops is one of the joys of traveling – be sure to hydrate adequately before you crash out for the night. Eating well and drinking a lot of H2O will make your adventure much more enjoyable.

spencer madden discipline adventures this world exists thisworldexists

4. Meditate

If you don't meditate, starting on your adventure is the perfect time. If you do undertake a daily meditation practice, then your travels will be greatly enhanced by maintaining your practice. Meditation can bring clarity and a sense of calm when your explorations get chaotic. When you start to feel overwhelmed, simply find a quiet spot and breathe deeply for several minutes. You'lll come back much more focused and ready to take on anything the globe can put into your path. When you travel, I recommend starting and finishing your day with a minimum of 10 minutes of meditation. One idea that I have started to do is to seek out experts / gurus and learn from them on your travels – this can facilitate a life-changing experience that will ensure you benefit even more from your adventure.

spencer madden discipline adventures this world exists thisworldexists

5) Journalling

When you travel, journalling your thoughts is critical to helping remember how certain senses, places and people made you feel. It is also a great way to help discover the answers to any larger life questions you may be seeking – whether intentional or not – about your life. Many of us adventure to find out things about the world around us and documenting it for the purpose of reflection is important. Ensure you journal for 10 minutes every night: start with a list of what you did, followed by any questions you may have or answers you have found. Do not miss a day with journaling, as important things can disappear into the wind if they aren't documented.

spencer madden discipline adventures this world exists thisworldexists

We all have the tendency to thrust away these important activities when we travel. By doing so, this can lead to extreme personal growth and ensure that you maximize your travel experiences. After all, who doesn't want to grow and learn as much about themselves and the world when we travel – that's the whole point!

Written by Spencer Madden.

Spencer is a THISWORLDEXISTS ambassador. See more of his adventures on Instagram: @mtobsession