New Friendships and New Cameras Ignite Brady's Adventurous Spirit

Brady Witsoe is no stranger to the outdoors. Raised with over 14 acres just down the road, nature became a playground for him and his cousins. At 10 years old, Brady was already being molded into an outdoor enthusiast.

"I can remember building numerous tree forts, diving into ponds to catch frogs, collecting gardner snakes after gardner snake! The one thing we loved most was just camping outside and building our own little shelters for the night!" 

It wasn't until recently Witsoe's love for the outdoors was re-ignited. Thanks to some new friends, and his first DSLR camera, his outdoor spark had caught flame. Although Brady stopped exploring for a few years, it was his childhood that first gave him the passion. Now, Brady is constantly finding new places to explore.
"The main thing that keeps me going is the excitement of finding a new spot whether its in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Canada, or Washington. If we want to go there, we will plan it and make it happen!"

Hiking is one of Brady's favorite ways to seek beauty that's masked from the those who don't seek it.
"Going on these hikes and seeing places that not a lot of people take the time  to see made me realize how important it is to get out there, and be active!"

The feeling of being completely surrounded by Mother Nature is overwhelming. Witsoe is excited to expose new angels of these amazing places. This Adventure Ambassador's story is a great reminder that you are never too young to start exploring, and it's never too late to get back out there! We are excited to welcome him to our growing family, and anxious to see the memories he captures!

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