At the core of our organisation is the impact in the communities in which we work. THISWORLDEXISTS is a non profit organisation and registered ACNC charity in Australia.

Transparency and credibility are at the forefront of our consciousness and we are proud to communicate our financials with our community so they understand exactly where their money and our investments are spent. THISWORLDEXISTS are developing impact reports of our projects to share with our inspiring and growing community.

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THISWORLDEXISTS Registered Charity

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THISWORLDEXISTS was developed to change the way we think about travel. Our desire to continue to explore the world never ceases but the more we travel, we are witness to more widespread inequality. THISWORLDEXISTS helps maximise education outcomes in disadvantaged communities in developing countries to help reduce this gaps and assist communities to alleviate the effects of poverty. 

Did you know you can help volunteer in our current projects in Nepal, Cambodia and Mexico?

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How does THISWORLDEXISTS achieve this?

THISWORLDEXISTS run adventure travel experiences to unique adventure locations in close proximity to our education projects. All guests are given an achievable fundraising goal that is then directly used to support education outcomes in the communities in which we visit.

All THISWORLDEXISTS experiences employ local members of the community and involve a period of time spent putting our fundraising money to work in our education projects.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - NELSON MANDELA



THISWORLDEXISTS creates a community of travelers that seek unique adventure experiences to support sustainable education projects in the developing world. 

Our community helps create improved pathways for children in disadvantaged areas through education.


THISWORLDEXISTS wants to challenge you to rethink the way you travel. Are you sick of the regularly tourist route and landmarks? 

Our organisation will take you on an unforgettable experience that will test you physically and mentally but leave you with an unrivaled sense of achievement and satisfaction.


THISWORLDEXISTS aims to inspire our community to take action in their own lives. Our intent is inspire global adventure travel and an active lifestyle.

Most importantly we hope to empower our community to understand that they can help combat inequalities in our world.